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You never really know when a storm might develop in the area. So why not take preemptive measures and start preparing your home against the onslaught of Mother Nature, starting with the windows in your home?


Because your windows are your first wall of defense against weather elements!

However, they’re also somewhat susceptible, despite the security measures you take to prevent any breakage, such as taping them up, cracking them open to relieve air pressure, boarding up the windows facing the waters or using your own body to prevent them from breaking (come on, people!)

Instead, you should consider replacing those single pane windows with insulated windows.

Interested? Below is all you need to know about this unique option!


Please note; insulated windows are also known as double-glazed windows, double pane windows and triple pane windows, mainly because they consist of 2-3 panes of glass, each of which is separated by a gas or vacuum to reduce transfer of heat.

Pros of Insulated Windows

Energy Efficiency– Insulated windows prevent loss of heat and cool air during the seasons, which translates to lower energy bills. Since you don’t have to keep adjusting the thermostat every other day to maintain the temperature, your home’s power requirements will stay low.

Versatility – These double and triple-paned windows come in a variety of types with a number of coatings. They’re made in wood, fiberglass and vinyl materials as well, so you’ll surely be able to find whichever style you want.

Noise Reduction – With 2-3 panes of windows to keep the noise away and the added gas such as krypton or argon gas acting as an insulator, these windows are the perfect option for homes in the cities or near high-traffic areas.

Cons of Insulated Windows

Cost – But there is a catch to it! Insulated glass units and windows cost more than your regular single pane windows because their construction, along with the material used to make them. Their installation costs are significantly higher as well. However, with the benefits you avail from them, you can easily get back the money you paid for the windows through savings, and then some!

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