Make no mistake about it, your front door and glass windows are the first things guests notice about your house. While the door can stand the test of time, often dirty or broken glass windows can leave a bad taste in the mind of your guests.

Increase your chances of making a good first impression on visitors by following these simple yet effective tips to ensure that your windows are always in tip top shape!

1. Clean the Glass:

Generally speaking, glass windows are like dust magnets. Owing to their transparent nature, even the tiniest fleck of dirt on these windows is magnified. To ensure that your glass windows don’t draw unnecessary attention to themselves, it’s always a good idea to clean them regularly.

While cleaning glass windows may seem simple at first, there’s more to this task than meets the eye. You should always cover the sill of the window because window cleaning agents are usually corrosive and can thus reduce the life of your window.Window cleaning

Secondly, you should pick a cloudy day to clean your windows. We say this because if you clean your windows on a sunny day, the water will evaporate prematurely, leaving behind streaks of cleaning agent residue, which are an eyesore to say the least!

2. Keep Moving Parts Lubricated:

Just like you need to regularly clean your glass windows, the moving parts of the window require special attention too. As mentioned above, the first thing you need to do enhance the life of your windows is to make sure they don’t make contact with glass cleaning agents as they’re corrosive.

There’s no denying the fact that everyone hates squeaky windows. They can be very frustrating to deal with and tend to be very distracting and noisy. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you lubricate them from time to time.

By lubricating these moving parts, you ensure that your windows remain silent and also reduce chances of rust plaguing your windows.

3. Inspect for Damages:

It’s also a good practice to inspect your windows for damage every now and then. Contrary to popular belief, spotting flaws in glass windows can be very hard as they’re usually in places you don’t often see. Generally speaking, damages are more often than not hidden in the frame which can be tricky to spot.

Therefore, when inspecting for damages, be very thorough with your search and keep a mental note of everything you find out of order.

4. Replace Old Windows:

Depending on the current state of your windows, a windows replacement might be in order. What’s great about modern widows is that they’re incredibly energy efficient. In fact, according to the United States Department of Energy modern windows can reduce heat loss by 10% to 20%, thereby significantly reducing your utility bill!

Any way you look at it, newer more energy efficient windows are the safest investment you can make today as they improve aesthetics will minimizing your bill. If you want to install new glass windows in your house, we at DTS Glass would love to help. We’re one of the biggest contractors of mirror products in Georgia, and can help you out with your windows glass replacement.

Contact us today and take the first step of beautifying your house!