Picture Framed Mirrors

The interior décor of any home plays a significant part in how it is perceived—whether a room is homey and inviting, or elegant and charming.

There are many ways to enhance the beauty of any room, but one of the best ways to do is with some well-placed, aesthetically pleasing mirrors.

Our picture framed mirrors are the best products for this job. These are not only for the mere function of giving the way you look a once-over as you walk out the door, but also add a touch of sophistication to any space.

They are essentially bespoke mirror art—the frames are gorgeous and intricate, eye-catching and artistic. They can serve to liven up any room with a touch of beauty that is hard to ignore.

Whether it is for the purposes of decorating a room in your home or your workplace, you can make use of picture framed mirrors for both residential and commercial spaces.

If your bedroom is feeling a little sparse, a picture framed mirror placed just right can add just the dramatic element you need to really liven up the place! An elaborately framed mirror also makes for an impressive addition to a common area where guests can fully appreciate and marvel at the décor in your home—and who doesn’t want to impress the visitors in their home?

Mirrors also work to make any room look bigger, so not only do you get a gorgeous addition to your décor, but also a cool trick to give room a more spacious vibe!

Top-Notch​ ​Picture​ ​Framed​ ​Mirrors​ ​from​ ​DTS​ ​Glass​ ​&​ ​Mirror

If you’re interested in investing in picture framed mirrors to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, then we at DTS Glass & Mirror are at your service.

We provide you with a wide variety of picture frame samples for you to choose from, whether you have a mirror already on the wall you’re wanting to add a frame to or one that you can customize according to your style. Everything from the cut and the size of the mirror to the style and thickness of the frame can be matched to suit your preferences.

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