Low-E or Annealed Glass Available

Tired of searching high and low for a solution to your glass needs?

DTS Glass & Mirror can be the source for all your glass product needs!

We provide our clients with a range of different types of glass for a variety of uses, including Low-E glass and Annealed glass.

Low-E glass is low emissivity glass, equipped with a special metal coating that provides an insulating quality to the glass, allowing it to make your home or office considerably energy efficient.

By minimizing the transfer of heat through the glass, windows that use Low-E glass keep the interiors warm during the winters and cool during the summers! Who doesn’t want such a convenient solution for maintaining optimal comfort indoors throughout the year?

Annealed glass is a product that goes easy on the wallet, while offering a handy answer to your search for a durable glass product that does not disappoint. Most commonly used in windows, this product is fairly resistant to temperature changes due to the annealing process.

There is a versatility and flexibility at your disposal that allows you to customize and adapt the products in accordance with the needs of your style and design preferences.

While being a friend to your pocket, these glass products provide you with the option of transforming your home or office to give it a modern look—with our help, you can go for aesthetic friendly solutions that can revitalize any living space!

High​ ​Quality​ ​Glass​ ​Products​ ​Available​ ​at​ ​DTS​ ​Glass​ ​&​ ​Mirror!

If you’re in search of top of the line glass products for commercial or residential use, then DTS Glass & Mirror is your best bet! We offer our clients a range of reliable, fairly priced glass products, including Low-E and Annealed glass.

We work to ensure that our customers’ need for high quality glass products are met, providing them with convenient solutions for their home or office.

Whether you’re looking to make your space more energy efficient or are in need of solutions that add to the appeal of your interior décor, you know who to come to!

Give us a call at 770-743-9140 to find out more about our products and services—we guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction!

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