Insulated Glass Units

Insulated Glass Units

Insulated glass units are a premium addition to any space, serving to keep your interior warm in winters and cool in summers.

Generally, an insulated unit consists of two panes of glass. These panes of glass have a spacer material in between, and tend to be sealed at the edge. This in turn creates a space that is insulated and filled with gas.

This method of construction serves to improve the thermal performance of the insulated glass unit by providing a thermal break. This is what helps in keeping in the heat during cold weather, and in the summers, it serves to keep the heat out.

Insulated glass is generally the best and most effective way to minimize the air-to-air heat transfer through the use of glazing. I.G. Units can be used in conjunction with reflective or low-E coatings in order to enhance their performance effectively. Not only do you conserve energy this way, you can also stay in compliance with local building codes at the same time.

Premium Quality I.G. Units from DTS Glass and Mirror!

At DTS Glass and Mirror, we provide you with premium quality insulated glass units for both commercial and residential buildings. They are a useful addition to your home or your office, serving to help regulate the indoor climate, and offering prime comfort as a result!

Our insulated glass unit products are all finely crafted to offer enhanced thermal performance, providing both functionality and superior aesthetic quality.

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