Foggy Window

Why do foggy windows happen to us? Generally, you get fogged up glass when moisture somehow manages to seep into the seal of the window in question. Foggy windows can be quite the problem, particularly because they are so unsightly. They can really take a lot away from the look of the room—a put together interior with exceptional décor loses its charm when there are fogged up windows serving as an unseemly addition.

Generally, foggy windows tend to be old windows, as they eventually go bad. The sun heats up the window during the day and it expands and it cools down at night due to lower temperatures and it contracts. Over a period of time, this leaves you with foggy windows—something we at DTS Glass & Mirror are fully equipped to help you out with!

You can choose to live with foggy windows, but why would you want to? Our services provide you with a handy solution to your foggy window problems, and rest assured, we deliver on our promise.

The experts at DTS Glass & Mirror can use their skills and expertise to provide you with a foggy window solution that is appropriate for your situation.

Fog Be Gone — Call DTS Glass & Mirror for Foggy Window Problems
If fogged up windows are becoming a problem, we’re just the answer you need. Give us a call and we can have your windows looking good as new in no time!

With thirty years in the industry, you can be confident in our knowledge and expertise in the matter. Our customer satisfaction rate is phenomenal, and you can experience it first-hand.

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