Glass Replacement – Dunwoody, Georgia

Glass Replacement – Dunwoody, Georgia


DTS Glass and Mirrors is a renowned glass company, serving clients in Dunwoody, GA.  We are a family owned company and have operated in this industry for over thirty years. With our extensive experience, we have the necessary knowledge and skills to satisfy all your glass related needs. Our three decades in the business reflect our reliability and great service.

We offer a range of products and services in the Dunwoody, GA which include glass replacement, insulated glass units, custom mirrors, foggy window replacement, storefront glass and many other glass services. Our services cater to the needs of both, commercial and residential clients. We provide glass products to transform their space as well as fit in functionality wise.

Foggy windows

The seal on your windows may have a gap and when moisture seeps through, the glass fogs up. Foggy windows can be quite a problem, as they can be easily overlooked. Our services provide an easy solution to this problem. At DTS Glass and Mirrors, our technicians will help you identify the possible causes behind foggy windows correct them.

Custom Mirrors

Looking for reliable service to provide you custom mirrors? DTS Glass and Mirrors is the way to go. We provide a variety or mirror options for our clients and can customize them according to their specific needs. Whether it’s for functional uses or to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, we can cater to all sorts of needs.

Low E Glass

Our renowned Low E Glass is known to make homes more energy efficient. This type of glass can insulate your home against the weather outside. This helps bring down your heating and cooling bills while being an affordable option for you this winter.

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