Glass Replacement – Auburn, GA

Glass Replacement – Auburn, GA

window in house

If you’re planning on getting the glass in your windows replaced in your house in Auburn, GA, you definitely have only one thing in mind: getting the best quality glass for your windows at the best rates!

Why not let us take care of that for you?

Offering everything from glass replacement to storefront door repair and installation, and everything in between, we guarantee an effortless and stress-free glass installation process! With experience stemming from being in the business for nearly three decades, we have the expertise to take care of all your glass and mirror needs.

Low-E Glass

With most of the energy spent in the residential sector going into keeping houses properly cooled or heated, there is a massive expenditure every month on keeping temperatures constant. Low-E glass, with its reflective and highly absorbent metallic oxide coated surface maintains room temperature by discouraging transfer of heat.

Storefront glass

Is the front door to your business drab and boring? That could be why a lot of prospective customers seem to look at your store and then walk the other way! Installing custom made decorative storefront doors for your business in Auburn will have the customers pouring in, while also strengthening the security of the place!

Frameless Shower Doors

Turn the ordinary bathroom in your Auburn, GA home into a luxurious and relaxing retreat by installing a Frameless Shower Door that is equal parts beautiful and strong. Our frameless shower enclosures are not only superior in structure but are also highly durable and will not break under pressure, to give you a 5-star hotel experience right in your own home.

Regardless of the glass service you need for your Auburn home, DTS Glass & Mirrors will take care of all your glass and mirror needs. We give you superior quality at highly affordable prices, to give you a truly luxurious experience on a budget.