Getting a windows replacement can be tricky. Not only are reliable windows contractors few and far in between, but what complicates the entire process even more is the fact that the signs that you need a window replacement are quite subtle. Therefore, if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, there’s a high chance that they’ll fly right under your radar!

Here are a few signs that serve as precursor to the fact that you need a windows replacement!

They’re Broken:

Let’s get the most obvious sign out of the way before we move on to the precursors that often go unnoticed. If your windows are broken or tend to make a lot of noise when you open and shut them, you should treat that as a sign that you need to replace them soon.

They Fog Up A Lot:

Believe it or not, the accumulation of fog is a simple and effective way of figuring out if you need window glass replacements or not. While you might find it completely normal for your windows to fog up overnight (especially in the winters) but as it turns out a foggy window is usually a precursor to a much bigger problem.

If your windows regularly fog up, excessive moisture is most likely to blame for it. While you can’t bend the weather to your will, you can, however, reinforce your windows to ensure that they don’t fog up. Windows fog up when the insulation around them breaks, which causes moisture to be deposited on them. Thus, by getting a windows replacement, you can break the cycle and get cleaner, fog-free windows!

An Unjustifiably High Energy Bill:

Most people associate a high utility bill to the utilization of energy, and don’t even think about the possibility that something else could be contributing to it adversely! However, if numbers posted by the United States Department of Energy are to be believed, then there’s a direct relationship between a faulty window and your unjustifiably high energy bill!

Apparently, one faulty window can increase your energy bill by 10-25%. Now if you have multiple windows that are in dire need of a replacement, your utility bill is bound to be extremely high! Thus, it’s better to invest hundreds of dollars in windows glass replacements than to pay thousands of dollars in bills to the utility company every month!

Your House Isn’t Visually Appealing:

Now that we’ve addressed the financial aspect of the situation, it’s time we turn our attention to the aesthetics. If you feel that no matter what style you opt for, your house just doesn’t look or feel right, your windows are probably to blame for it!

Turns out, not every type of window is compatible with every interior design and style out there. For example, double hung windows with drapes look horrendous in a house that strictly follows a minimalist design!

Therefore, if you find your house’s interior design to be lacking but you just can’t put your finger on the cause, treat it as a precursor and get your windows replaced!

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