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Insulated Glass Units are making waves for all the right reasons as far as home improvement projects are concerned. These double paned glass windows are visually appealing and are great at letting natural light in while keeping your house cool!

Here are a few notable advantages of getting insulated glass units.

Improved Thermal Performance:
By far the biggest advantage of getting an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) is that it significantly improves the thermal performance of your house. By preserving the heat inside a building, IGUs go a long way in reducing your energy bills.

Gone are the days when you would have to cough up a significant figure to stay warm in the winters and cold in the summers as IGUs are able to do this without much hassle! Furthermore, these IGUs also increase the lifespan of your heaters and air conditioners because they make it easier for them to function!

Another reason why people love installing Insulated Glass Units is because of the amazing versatility they offer. Whether it’s a cozy, single hung window in the attic or wide double hung windows in the living room, IGUs have you covered.

Moreover, these insulated glass units also play an important role in improving the overall aesthetics of your house. The exquisite finish of these window units will satisfy even the most artistic of people and will massively enhance the overall look and feel of the room they’re installed in!

Insulated Glass Units marked a very important milestone as far as windows are concerned. Prior to IGUs, windows were very fragile and a sudden and harsh impact could shatter them completely. What’s amazing about Insulated Glass Units is that they’re ridiculously durable. Capable to withstand significant forces without breaking under their pressure, these IGUs will stand tall when faced by strong gusts of wind and rain!

Furthermore, not only are you guaranteed protection against natural elements, but from other objects as well. This means that even if the pesky little kids in your neighborhood hit these windows with a wayward football shot, these windows won’t shatter or break!

Reduction in Noise:
What makes Insulated Glass Units durable is also what makes them noise cancelling. Most IGUs have multiple layers of glass panes that are separated from each other by a small vacuum. While this doesn’t mean that your room will be completely sound proof, however these IGUs will go a long way in reducing the noise you hear in the room.

Doesn’t matter if it’s an ambulance or a police siren going off in the distant, IGUs guarantee superior noise cancellation, and make it much easier for you to go about your business. It’s because of its noise cancellation properties that many offices have installed IGUs in their conference rooms, so that board members can have longer, more fruitful meetings without getting interrupted!

It’s because of these reasons and many others that Insulated Glass Units are in high demand these days. If you want to install an IGU in your home or office in Georgia, we at DTS glass would love to help. With years of experience in glass and custom mirror products, we’re more than capable of installing these technological marvels in your house.

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