Home remodeling can be either be exciting or terribly stressful depending on how much you know how about home renovation. It’s easy to judge a house based on its aesthetics, but when you’re building or renovating a home, you’ll realize that there’s a functional aspect to every component too—including windows.

A window is more than an opening to your home that lets you see the outside. It can determine how warm/cold your home is, the look of your room, and more. Your contractors will ask you arrays of questions to determine what type of windows are best for you.

Here’s what you need to consider when installing or replacing your windows:

The window frame

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Window frame chambers: Window frames consist of chambers that prevent the air from leaving and entering home. The greater the number of chambers in the frame, the longer it will take for air from the outside to enter your home.

If you live in a city with extreme climate (too hot or too cold), it’s better to go for a window frames with the most chambers.

Material of the frame: Window frames can be made of aluminum, wood or vinyl. Some frames will have a combination of both wood and aluminum. Each material has its benefits but vinyl is most effective for home insulation. It’s also more durable and much easier to maintain than other window frame types.

The window glass

It may not look like it but the glass used to make a window today is very different to glass that was used 20 years ago. Thanks to technology, we’re now able to make windows using energy efficient glass. Today glass for windows comes with a layer of low emission coating; this allows heat to bounce off the glass and return to its source.

It’s an excellent way to keep your house warm during the winter; the heat within the house bounces off the window and back into the house, keeping the house warm.

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The most energy-efficient windows will not perform if you don’t hire experienced professionals to install them.

Installing window frames is a technical process that involves careful measuring and sealing of the window. In case a window frame isn’t properly secured in the wall, you’re at risk losing heat through the gaps.

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