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It goes without saying, nobody like foggy windows. Not only are fogged up windows a minor annoyance, but they also have the ability to ruin the overall aesthetics of a house. This is why it’s important to deal with this inconvenience before it gets on your nerves!

If you have windows that fog up a lot, here are a few common causes that might be causing you problems!

Excessive Moisture – The Root Cause:

By far the most common reason your windows fog up is because of excessive moisture in your house. Moisture in and around your house condenses on your windows which causes them to fog up! Whether its rain or wind currents, the accumulation of water droplets on your window panes plays a massive role in them fogging up.

While you can do nothing to stop the accumulation of moisture due to external (weather) elements, there are many things that you can do to stop your windows from fogging up from the inside.

Take a look at the setting of your humidifier as there’s always the probability that it could be set too high which is causing these problems. Secondly, have a professional look at your air conditioner as a leaking outer unit could be the source of your inconvenience.

Insulation Failure:

While there are many reasons why excessive moisture could be causing you trouble, another common issue is insulation failure where you haven’t installed insulated glass units to warm up your house.

If you’ve seen windows close up, you will have noticed a black, rubber strip running all around them. Turns out, they’re not there for style! These rubber strips (sometimes called seals or insulation) play a crucial role in preventing the accumulation of moisture on your windows. By keeping the water vapors from condensing on your windows, they have a major say in keeping them from fogging up!

Cracks in the Exterior Pane:

A crack in the exterior window pane can also be the reason why your windows are constantly fogging up. These days, most windows have multiple glass panes which are properly sealed to prevent the condensation of water vapor. As the windows are insulated, water vapor doesn’t deposit on them, and therefore can’t cause them to fog up.

On the other hand, once there’s a crack in the exterior pane, the seals are rendered completely useless, and water vapors can easily be deposited on your windows. Once these vapors condense over time, they fog up your windows!

Purchase New Windows:

If your windows are constantly fogging up, the easiest solution to your problems might be to have them replaced. DTS Glass has been providing reliable window glass replacement services in Georgia for more than thirty years, and can help you with your foggy windows.

Doesn’t matter if you want Insulated Glass Units or Windows Glass Replacements, we have you covered! Our team of dedicated professionals value customer satisfaction and go out of their way to ensure that your house is always looking its best!

So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to foggy windows today by giving us a call!