Nobody likes a messy closet space. It’s infuriating to look at, and makes it harder for you to find your things when you’re in a hurry. Make sure you never suffer from a messy closet space by installing ClosetMaid Ventilated Wire Shelving in your homes.

Here’s what you stand to gain from installing this unit.

1. Durability Guaranteed:

Let’s be completely honest with each other; no matter how stern-worded a maximum weight limit warning label might be, you’re bound to overcrowd your closet space. Some people pay so little attention to these weight limits that they cram clothes and items on these shelves until they literally collapse!

What’s great about ClosetMaid Ventilated Wire Shelving is that it’s incredibly durable. This means that you can store a lot of different materials on these shelves without running the risk of the shelf caving under the weight!

2. A Highly Functional Closet:

The best thing about ClosetMaid Ventilated Wire Shelving is that it helps you stay organized. Whether its shirts, pants, jackets, or shawls, you can easily assign them a designated shelf and keep things neat and tidy. This removes the hassle and makes it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for especially when you’re in a hurry!

3. Maximize Limited Closet Space:

Not every has a walk-in closet. In fact, if numbers posted by are to be believed then the average depth of a reach-in closet is just 24 inches! Thus, it’s fair to say that a majority of Americans have to make do with a very limited closet space.

This is why ClosetMaid Ventilated Wire Shelving is such a lucrative option for most Americans as it gives them the ability to maximize their closet space! By keeping things organized, ClosetMaid Ventilated Wire Shelving helps people store more in the little closet space that they have, while never compromising on functionality!

4. Versatility:

What we love about ClosetMaid Ventilated Wire Shelving is that it’s a very versatile option. What we mean by that is the fact that it doesn’t look good just in your closet, but in other rooms as well! So if you’re looking for a shelf to store your garage tools on or if you want a durable plate rack, the ClosetMaid has you covered!

5. An Affordable Option:

Another reason why ClosetMaid Ventilated Wire Shelving has seen a meteoric rise in its popularity has to do with the fact that it’s an economical option! Its surprisingly low price and ridiculously long lifespan has made it a very affordable one-time investment that many Americans are more than willing to make!

Furthermore, the fact that they require little to no maintenance whatsoever over time, makes them a very economical option for you to explore!

Convinced about the many advantages of ClosetMaid Ventilated Wire Shelving and want it installed in your house ASAP? We’re one of the biggest glass, and custom mirror products companies in Georgia, have been installing these units for years and are yet to receive a single complaint about this product (or our services for that matter)!

Make sure that your storage system is functional, organized, and aesthetically pleasing by giving us a call and installing the ClosetMaid today!